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Orthomosaic - Ft Lauderdale.png

Aerial Mapping and Inspection

Fast and Easy Industrial-Grade Aerial Data


Georeferenced orthorectified, maps.


Terrain models

Accurate topographic modelling, with DSMs and DTMs.


NDVI analysis

Simple crop health visualisations with 5 algorithms.


3D models

Detailed, accurate 3D models and point clouds.



Photogrammetry is the science of making measurements from photographs. Our staff has flown many projects in the wireless communication and power transmission fields.

We service clients in Agriculture, Construction, Inspection, Mining, and Solar.  We can capture of actionable aerial data in minutes in comparison to traditional surveying methods that can take days or weeks.

Orthomosaic - Ft Lauderdale.png

We Fly & Capture Images

Generate Maps & 3D Models

You Explore, Analyze & Share

Aerial Inspection & Construction Progress


Cloud View Productions delivers aerial images and videos for structural civil engineering, insurance, and utility inspections that save time and money while increasing safety and enhancing knowledge of difficult or dangerous access areas of structures.

We inspect all manner of large complex industrial structures, including commercial / residential real estate (often for insurance purposes), exhaust towers, live flare stacks in oil and gas refineries, operating transmission towers for mobile operators, electricity pylons, and wind turbines.

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